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  • DrugHub has agreed to fully refund all users who lost money in the SuperMarket exit scam.  
  • Retro Market has gone offline. Circumstances of the closure unknown.  
  • SuperMarket has closed following an exit scam by one of the admins.  
  • The admin of Incognito Market, Pharoah, has been arrested by the FBI several months after exit scamming.  
  • Popular P2P exchange LocalMonero has announced it is closing.  

Verified Darknet Vendor Store Links

Don't want to purchase through a darknet market? Some vendors have their own darknet stores which allow you to purchase from them directly. Keep in mind that you won't have any form of escrow protection when buying direct from a vendor, so only use one you trust. You may however be able to get goods and services for lower prices compared to a market since there's no commission.

Vendor      click to expand Cryptos Details
Established vendor of cocaine and meth. USA to USA shipping.
  Netherlands based vendor of cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy and much more. Ships worldwide.
  UK based seller of prescription-grade medications, nootropics and steroids.
US seller of benzos, ketamine, 2c-b and DXE. Small to bulk quantities offered.
  Germany based vendor of 3-MMC, Amphetamine, Cocaine, DMT, Heroin, LSD, MDMA and Ketamine.
  French vendor of MDMA, psychedelics, stimulants, cannabis and prescription drugs
  Spain based vendor of weed and hash shipping to EU, UK and select other countries
  Germany based vendor of cocaine, mdma, weed, LSD and ketamine. Worldwide shipping.
     Steroid vendor trading since 2013, shipping from 5 different locations worldwide.
    Digital goods vendor selling apps, data, documents, IDs, hacked databases and more.
Vendor of CVV, fullz and dumps, trading since 2022.