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  • Dread is now only available to users of the latest version of the Tor browser so ensure you update.  
  • Bohemia Market is selectively scamming users. We recommend to stop using it immediately.  
  • M00nkey Market has disappeared in a suspected law enforcement takedown.  
  • DNMX mail service has been hacked and closed down.  
  • Tor2Door Market is gone. It is suspected to be an exit scam.  

Darknet Services & Forums

Don't want to purchase through a darknet market? Some vendors have their own darknet stores which allow you to purchase from them directly. Keep in mind that you won't have any form of escrow protection when buying direct from a vendor, so only use one you trust. You may however be able to get goods and services for lower prices compared to a market since there's no commission.

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Probably the largest discussion forum on the dark web, and the darknet equivalent of reddit. Most discussion topics allowed with specific exceptions such as terrorism and activity that harms others.
Database of vendor data from current and historic darknet markets.
Information database detailing a range of cannabis and magic mushroom strains, plus many other natural psychoactive substances.
Anonymous crypto exchange platform supporting BTC, XMR, LTC and BCH. No KYC or account needed.
Established aggregator of darknet markets, vendor stores and other resources.
Secure and private web messaging service.
Bitcoin blockchain analysis tool which detects whether funds from a given wallet are likely to be flagged as proceeds of crime.
Darknet discussion forum from the team behind Incognito Market and Antinalysis.
An open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network.
Encrypted cloud storage provider (up to 200MB per user for free).
Established provider of Tor hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).
Free image hosting over Tor (clearnet mirror also available).
New Zealand based Darknet Market education and discussion forum.
Darknet search engine with a large database of exclusively onion sites.
Product search engine supporting multiple darknet markets.
Darknet social forum allowing for discussion of a broad range of topics.
Bitcoin mixer with customizable fees, custom delay and javascript free.
Drug safety guide by Dominic Milton Trott (PDF download). Contains information about more than 180 substances.