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DrugHub Review

DrugHub Market is from the team behind legendary darknet market known as White House Market, which closed in late 2021 having spent a considerable amount of time as the world's number 1 market following the take down of Dark Market roughly one year earlier. White House Market was one of a small number of markets to close peacefully and provided users with 11 days to complete all business and make any withdrawals before going offline. Just like White House Market, DrugHub aims to prioritize user safety and security. But with a vastly different layout, how will be the user experience be? As always, Torhoo will take a detailed look.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and research purposes only. Torhoo does not promote, condone or accept any liability for any illegal activity that may occur when using DrugHub. Users should ensure they comply with local laws.

DrugHub Market key information:
  • DrugHub Link (Primary onion URL):
  • Clearnet rotating mirror site:
  • Online since: August 2023
  • Cryptos accepted: Monero (XMR)
  • Multisig support? No
  • Walletless? Yes
  • Vendor bond: 1-5 XMR (case by case)
  • Key features: Escrow, PGP Login (no passwords), Walletless Pay, Automated Support System, Jabber Notifications
  • Categories: Drugs, Online Business, Software, Services, Forgeries / Counterfeits, Defense / Counter Intel

Accessing DrugHub:
As a measure for combatting DDOS attacks and phishing sites, DrugHub requires users to obtain links through a rotating mirror site first. THis can either be an onion site, or a clearnet mirror that is only accessible using the Tor browser. The first challenge you'll be presented with is to solve a captcha challenge which consists of sliding a circle into the appropriate position, somewhat similar to the captcha seen on Incognito Market.

Once that's done, you can go ahead and obtain a mirror by selecting 'I need a new mirror'. If you want to be extra safe, it's worth saving the market's PGP key on your first visit to you can verify the legitimacy of any mirror provided.

You'll then be provided with a unique mirror and asked to wait 20 seconds while it is made live. Simply copy and paste this into the Tor browser and proceed.

Browsing DrugHub:
The first thing to note is that DrugHub doesn't require an account to simply browse products and vendors. Since the market has been coded from scratch, the layout is very different from that of White House Market, but still pretty intuitive to those with are familiar with darknet markets.

If you wish to make a purchase or message a vendor, you'll need to register for an account. Unlike most markets which use a username and password system, DrugHub uses PGP key as a login method. For those not yet familiar with PGP keys and encryption, we have a detailed guide on how to use PGP. When creating an account, you'll need to provide your public key and then sign a message to verify you are the owner.

You will then be asked to do this every time you login. It's effectively the 2 Factor Authentication stage that other markets have, but without the username and password requirement that comes first. This makes logging in a quick and easy process, particularly for vendors.

DrugHub Rules:
There are a simple set of core rules for the market which are:

  • No harassment of Staff/Vendors.
  • No false reports of Vendor/Listings.
  • No attempted impersonation of vendors or staff.
  • No phishing attempts.
  • No business to or from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • No sale of information on businesses or individuals from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • No sharing of personal / sensitive information (doxxing). Note: Tracking numbers are sensitive information.
  • You must not try to circumvent any restrictions that may be placed on your account.
  • Use common sense.
  • No off-market trading.
  • There are additional rules for vendors which make it clear scamming or misleading customers in any way is unacceptable, which includes stipulations on the misuse of key words to try and manipulate listings. This should help ensure a higher quality of search results for buyers. Sale of products such as weapons, fent and stolen data from government organisations are not permitted. Vendors with a strong sales record from elsewhere are eligible to join DrugHub for no bond fee. Those with the strongest reputations will be eligible for FE (Finalize Early) status, and will therefore not be subject to escrow.

    Searching for products:
    DrugHub allows for searching by product category, or a number of different filters including shipping from / to locations, feedback levels, and restricting to products in stock or with photos. The latter options are certainly not offered by all markets, and therefore a nice touch.

    Product information:
    Each listing on DrugHub provides a detailed description of the product, shipping options, price, photos etc. Reviews from previous buyers of an item are also found at the bottom of each listing, helping you make an informed choice before committing to a purchase. Prices are shown in the local currency selected by the user, with 5 fiat currencies currently supported: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD.

    Every vendor has a profile page which provides details of how many sales and reviews they've had on DrugHub, plus additional information including their introduction, refund policy and PGP key. You'll also find a list of all the products they have for sale in one place which is a very convenient feature for buyers. Each vendors has individual ratings against factors such as processing speed, communication, product quality etc. which is more detail than most markets provide.

    Making a purchase:
    DrugHub offers walletless pay, so there's no depositing funds to your market wallet in advance. Currently, as per White House Market, all payments must be made using Monero. If you need to learn more about Monero, take a look at our beginner's guide.

    When you're ready to make a purchase, select the quantity and shipping option from the product page and add it to your cart. You can add multiple different items to your cart at once and then checkout at the end. When providing shipping information, you'll need to encrypt this with the vendor's PGP key, which is conveniently provided for you.

    Once you're ready to checkout, you'll be told exactly how much you need to send and given a Monero address to use. You can then log back in at a later time to view the status of your order. In the event of an issue, you can of course message the vendor or raise a dispute as a last resort. Ensure that any disputes are raised before the escrow period expires, otherwise the DrugHub staff will be unable to assist you.

    Conclusions on DrugHub:
    • From the team behind White House Market
    • Monero only and mandatory PGP for maximum security
    • Pay at checkout (walletless) option for quick and easy ordering
    • Robust DDOS and anti-phishing system

    • Negatives:
    • Not as beginner friendly as some markets
    • Withdrawals are paid out manually, meaning they can take up to 24 hours to arrive
    The biggest selling point of DrugHub is undoubtedly the fact that its from the creators of White House Market (which has been verified via signed messages from the official WHM PGP key), meaning it's instantly earned a level of trust amongst vendors and users that most markets would take years to build up. In terms of the features offered, it not only matches what White House Market had to offer, but exceeds it in many ways. It remains to be seen how long DrugHub will be trading for, but what seems almost certain is that it will quickly rise to become one of the largest markets on the dark web.