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  • DrugHub has agreed to fully refund all users who lost money in the SuperMarket exit scam.  
  • Retro Market has gone offline. Circumstances of the closure unknown.  
  • SuperMarket has closed following an exit scam by one of the admins.  
  • The admin of Incognito Market, Pharoah, has been arrested by the FBI several months after exit scamming.  
  • Popular P2P exchange LocalMonero has announced it is closing.  

Darknet Market Reviews

These darknet markets have had comprehensive reviews carried out by the Torhoo team, evaluating the range of features offered (such as cryptocurrencies supported, security features etc.), the user interface, user experience and anything else that may be a key factor when deciding to visit one of these sites. All reviews are honest and non biased, whilst highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the market. Reviews of dead markets are retained for legacy information purposes and are shown at the bottom of the page.

Active Markets:

Market Key Features / Supported Cryptos

Torzon Market
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Raffle

Vortex Market
Escrow, PGP 2-FA

Escrow, PGP Login (no passwords), Walletless Pay, Automated Support System, Jabber Notifications

PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Vendor Feed

Fish Market
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Auctions, Fundraisers, Speed Setting, Auto-refunds, Casino Games

Nexus Market
Walletless Pay, Escrow, PGP 2-FA

Escrow, PGP 2-FA, 0% commission subscription option

Dead Markets:

Market Key Features / Supported Cryptos

ASAP Market
PGP 2-FA, Escrow

Kingdom Market
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Jabber / Telegram / Signal Notifications, Referral System, Express Delivery

Walletless Pay, Multisig Support (Bitcoin), PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Crypto Exchange

PGP 2-FA, Escrow, E2E Message Deletion, Order Self-Destruct, Jabberbot, Auto-verdict, Walletless Pay, Accountless Pay, Harm Reduction advice

M00nkey Market
PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Jabber notifications, Referral system, Encrypted messaging, Employee mode (for vendors)

Ares Market
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow

Sonanza Market
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow

Dark Bazar
PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Autoshop, Crypto Swap

Retro Market
Mandatory PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Jabberbot, Autowithdraw, Dark Mode

Apocalypse Market
PGP 2-FA, Escrow

Arcade Market

Black Pyramid
Walletless Pay, PGP 2-FA, Escrow, Tele-vend, Loyalty Programme, Live Chat

Mandatory PGP 2-FA for all users, Escrow, QuickSesh, TruScore, AutoVerdict, Harm Reduction advice