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  • Binance delisted Monero on February 20. Users have until May 20 to withdraw remaining funds.  
  • GoFish Market has now rebranded as Fish Market.  
  • Kingdom Market has been seized by German law enforcement.  
  • The team the behind the legendary White House Market has launched a new market - DrugHub.  
  • Dread is now only available to users of the latest version of the Tor browser so ensure you update it.  

Darknet User Guides

When using the darknet / dark web, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have good OpSec (operational security). Here at Torhoo! we have provided a range of useful guides to help ensure you stay safe, and educate yourself about different technologies.

Guide Description

How to use PGP (Windows / Linux)
A detailed guide on how to use the Kleopatra PGP client, including setting up a PGP key, encrypting a message and decrypting a message.

Choosing the right crypto wallet for you
A guide to some of the most popular BTC, XMR and multi-currency cryptocurrency wallets including Electrum, Feather, Exodus and more.

Guide to Tails OS for darknet activity
A detailed guide about on how to download and install Tails OS to a USB stick which can then be used on any compatible PC for conducting secure browsing and activity on the Tor network.

A beginner's guide to Monero
Information on how to safely obtain and spend Monero (XMR), and the benefits of using it over other non-privacy oriented cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

How does phishing work?
Guide detailing how phishing works in practice and some simple steps you can take to avoid being phished.

How to safely configure the Tor browser
Guide to the key steps of ensuring the Tor Browser is safely configured to minimise your risk of vulnerabilities to exploits, such as those commonly targeted at users with javascript activated.

How to use I2P (The Invisible Internet Project)
An explanation of what I2P is and a step by step guide on how to install it for Windows or Linux.